WESTCOAST GATE (310)445-5067 or (800)736-0333
Westcoast Gate & Entry Systems Inc. providing service and repair of existing gate and access control systems and new custom gates serving Los Angeles and the West Side.Westcoast Gate & Entry Systems Inc. is a family owned gate and entry system entry firm serving Southern California families and businesses for more than 30 years.  We are a full service company providing:

  • Professional gate & access control service
  • Reliable gate repair
  • custom design and installation of new gates and entry systems

What differentiates us from our competitors is our technicians are trained to exceed industry standards in all phases of gate and access control service and installation.  Our design department has experience in all types of architectural styles, materials and security concerns.  Customer service is our number one priority.  We understand the nature of our business is to provide access control and security in an architecturally pleasing style.  We at Westcoast Gate and Entry Systems, Inc take pride in our quality and expedient service and professional attention to all matters.

Call (800) 736-0333 now for service or to schedule an appointment with one of our designers.

About Westcoast Gate

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